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cleaning dog barf - guest post

My friend Kim at Hiraeth sent me this email. We actually specialize in pee and mice around here, but Kim said I could share it with you in case you need it:

I think it was you who asked a while back about cleaning a mattress or couch after someone threw up. (I hope I remember this right or you're going to think I'm nuts!!!)

Anyway, Ivy threw up all over our bed this morning after she had emptied her water bowl and eaten her chow. YUCK. It was a big, wet mess-soaked the mattress. This is what I did; after I stripped the bedding, I washed the surface of the mattress with warm, soapy water and then got up as much of the moisture as I could with towels. Then did it again. After that, I sprinkled on a fair amount of 100 Mule Team Borax (my laundry booster of choice) and rubbed it in.

I left it there all morning and half the afternoon. When it came time to put the clean sheets and blankets back on the bed, I vacuumed up the borax and it was amazing. No spot. No smell. And it was dry. This wasn't the first time Ivy yacked on our bed and the other time left a stain, so I tried getting the stain damp, applied the borax, waited about an hour and vacuumed. Stain is gone and the spot is clean and dry.

Ta da!

I love it when stuff works.



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