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iTouch & mobileme

For months now, I've been walking around saying that I need an external hard drive as my internal one, the one Gad gave me that I used to consider to be a well-functioning brain, is not so reliable anymore.

Well I went and got one, an iTouch.icon I can type my ToDo lists into it, and my calendar, and we can play music on it, and (if I am near Wireless) it works as a little computer, so I can check on my class and on my email accounts; all 17 of them. Okay not really that many. Just
  1. The msn one that my honey and I share and that most of my friends use and that I get all my adoption list-serves on.
  2. My official college one that I get official school email on.
  3. My Gmail college one that I get student email on.
  4. My Gmail GOP one that I get, well, duh, GOP email on.
  5. A handful of other Gmail accounts.
Okay, it isn't 17, but it was still too many to check. But no more! I used the Gmail settings to have Gmail go get all my email from all the different places, tag it, and gather it into one place on Gmail. That is my main place from which I read and answer email, even though you may send it to -- or my return address may show from -- some other email address.

But it gets better (or more boring) depending on your perspective. Because I DO NOT want to be opening Gmail on my iTouch -- too much to download -- I then forward my entire Gmail box to Mobile Me.icon I can read it and delete it on MobileMe (keeping that inbox lean) and everything is stored on Gmail for future reference. SWEET!


MobileMe gets better. It keeps my calendar, contact list, and emails synchronized between my laptop and my iTouch. So if I add an event in one, it automatically updates in the other.

One small part of my life is feeling orderly.


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Guy said...

Yeaaah i just got my ipod touch from www.fr33-stuff.co.uk :D