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works for me: iTouch task organizer: Omnifocus

I can't even begin to tell you how much I like my iTouch task organizer, Omnifocus. I enter my tasks, and tag them according to Which Project they are part of (home life, school GOP, help others, kid stuff, etc.); Where they get done (yard, computer, town, campus, etc.); When they are due and any other notes.

Then, I can pull up all the things I need to do soon.


all the things I need to do at here, there, or anywhere.


all the things I need to do for Project XYZ.

The location part is particularly nifty, as I can set the locations of different errands with GPS and then Omnifocus will list all the things I need to do while I am in that part of town. No more getting home and remembering that I forgot to drop off the library books or pick up the Rx.

Boy-oh-boy does this work for me.


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Anonymous said...

Hello. I love my iTouch and MobileMe ... but was very dissapointed to find out that I cannot synch my Task items (To Do items) to my iTouch ... I am able to synch the calendar but not the To Do's ... so I am looking for a third party app that can synch todos to my PC ... is there such a thing? I appreciate the feedback.

Thank you