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Short History of Tractors in the Ukraine by Marina Lewycka

This will be a reviewette. A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian was fun. It was amusing. Occasionally I think about the characters. The story revolves around a daughter and her old widowed dad and her dad's gold-digging not-quite-mail-order but nearly so new wife.

Dad is also writing a short history about Ukrainian tractors and large portions of the manuscript are included. I suspect that the tractor story and the (not)love story share deep thematic connections, but I was too beleaguered to catch it. There must be some deep something-er-other that I missed, as the book has been translated into a zillion languages and won big prizes, and I would count it as beach reading. So, surely, I have missed something.

How about if you give it a go, and fill me in?~Suzanne

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