Quote of the Day


No Snow NO! Go Snow GO! NO SNOW. GO SNOW. oh no! It's BLOW SNOW!

Okay, so over a foot of snow fell in about eight hours and it is still falling and now the wind is picking up so all the neighbor's snow, all 20 acres of it, is skeedaddling into my front yard, from whence it will melt (we assume) and flood my basement again.



Annie Kitching said...

OK - so I actually had to look out of the door to see if we had snow. It always seems to me that if ANYONE has snow, WE have snow. But - yahoo! We are spared....sorry for you.

Tami said...

Awwww man! That stinks! Spring can't come soon enough for me....and I like winter! :)

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jenny said...

I am sensing a new children's book: Go Snow Go! Blow Snow Blow!