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Adoption BlogPost Round-up #2: attachment

So sorry for the long delay in posting the round-up. I've been very busy in my new role of warden.

It was really hard to sort the posts into headers this time. Everything overlaps so much. If you really don't like where I put your post, let me know and I'll happily move it.

Thank you all for participating.


A Breakfast Platter posts Clue #1 as they settle in as a new family.

~Crystal at Adventures in Sleeplessness posts Will She Love Me?

Debbie at Family Reunion shares Deborah Gray's Top 10 Tips for 1st Year.

Laurie at Pho for Four writes this, and more:

But we don’t tell the part where we break down crying because we feel so clueless, detached, and inadequate.

Nicki at Stepping On Legos shares a eloquent post as they reach for attachment: The Dance of Attachment.

Owlhaven at Ethiopian Adoption Blog shares some (earned) wisdom about balancing the need to nurture one's marriage and one's newly adopted children.

Pickel at Adopt Two Boys shares a very informative post about the attachment work they are doing with little Pickel.

Suzanne shares two stories about her daughter's first few months home as she (the daughter) learns to love and be loved. (Very weird to type about myself in third person. Interesting to recall that back in the fall we worried about Chickadee attaching, and now it is Dandy that I fret over.)

Wendy at Adopting Ahren (& PBJ too) shares a very thoughtful and compassionate post as she prepares to bring Ahren home.

Book Reviews
cloudscome at a wrung sponge shares two excellent book reviews: Black Baby, White Hands and outsiders within.

Grief and Loss
Alison of Alison & Jim's Adoption Journey shares a lovely reflection reflection on their daughters' losses and all the changes in their lives.

cloudscome at Sandy Cove Trail posts a very touching account of her son's desire to know his past and the stories he shares regarding it (some true, some fabricated). She asks for your input as to how one might handle it when he shares his fictions with strangers.

Jane at Building the Ark shares what she is learning as she watches her child, adopted at 8 (?), process her losses.

Jena at Preparing for Rain shares her own struggle with not knowing enough about her son's birth stories.

(I have to ask, do Jena and Jane know one another? their blog titles hint at it)

Jenni at Four Feet More shares a really insightful and tender post about her children processing their origins.

Rhonda at Worth the Wait shares an interesting and helpful post on regression from their first months home with their Bonnie and Clyde (not their real names). Rhonda has a beautiful new photograph on her banner too.

Kimmie at Over the Moon with Joy shares an inspiring post about how her most recent three children came to join their family.

Did you know that Kate at From Russia with Love is a child charmer? Go read all about it.

Reactive Attachment Disorder
Forever Parents share about Reactive Attachment Disorder.

And a few helpful links I found:
Attachment & Bonding
Attachment & Bonding Activities
Intro to RAD
RAD parenting checklist


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