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adoption blogpost roundup #3: travel

36 hours of travel. That's what we endured as we brought our children home last fall, this just two days after a 9 hour flight across Russia. We were joyous wrecks when we got home.

As accreditations start up again, other families are going to be gathering up travel tips. Let's share our hard-won wisdom.

Remember to link to your travel post, not to your whole blog.

Here is the coding for the link to this post, if you want to promote this round-up on your blog. I'll keep Mr. Linky open through July.

Adoption BlogPost Round-up #3: travel Participants
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3. Rachael: Fun Things to Do with Kids in Moscow, Part I
4. Julie--Part 1
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6. Julie--Part 4
7. Jane--Traveling Vicariously
8. Elle - Travel tips from the BTDT
9. Debbie Tips & Links
10. Rachael: Fun Things to Do with Kids in Moscow, Part II
11. Rachael: Part III, (that\'s all)

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