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my father's secret war

My darling husband came home from work yesterday, handed me a cold hard cider and a new book and let me loaf in the hammock for 3 hours, fed me dinner, and then let me loaf in the tub for 2 more hours. Isn't he the best?

The book was on loan from his mom (thank you Carol) who reads good books and many of them. I am often treated to her shared reads.

My Father's Secret War
is a memoir, written b
y a woman from a very dysfunctional family as she pieces together her father's life. His secret traumas broke their family and shaped her life as well as her sister's. The family quarrels and learns and slowly starts to heal and, in the end, finds some mutual affection.

It is very well-written; I didn't stumble over awkward prose even once. I learned quite a bit about WWII and reflected on family troubles. I heartily recommend it, especially if you or someone you buy Father's Day gifts for is interested in WWII history.


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