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Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

Dad and Mom and two of my nieces and I went to see Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix tonight. It was my Dad's first fun outing since the accident (the other outings being doctor appointments and a funeral). After the movie we had ice cream and chatted and it felt for a little while like old times.

Comments on the movie:

Professor Umbridge was very well-played as was Luna. All the actors and actresses are looking grown-up; Harry has muscles.

The movie felt very rushed; had one not read the book, many of the scenes would be minimally comprehensible. That being said, it was a really big book to try to squeeze into a movie.

It wasn't the best HP movie, but I did enjoy it. I'm going to try to reread all books 1-6 this week to get warmed up for book 7. It comes out on bluegrass festival day and the next day is a big family get-together, so I won't get to read it until Monday. I'm planning to let the children run amok and just read all day. Just kidding. I'll toss them into the pool and read on the deck. Supervised running amok.


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