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I polished off book 6 last night, so I have all the books fresh in my memory.

Questions and theories:

Who is RAB? Regulus Black (Sirius brother, left Voldemort) disguised as Crookshanks?
Whom does Snape really serve? I still think Dumbledore.
Was Dumbledore dying anyway from the poison when Snape cursed him?
Was the Dumbledore that drinking poison really his brother Aberforth (looked alike) who had been the keeping a low profile as barman at Hog's Head? Did Aberforth step in to die in Dumbledore's place? This would mean that it was Aberfoth in the cave.
Did Snape really throw the avada kedavra curse at Dumledore? or some other non-verbal curse. Why did Dumbledore fly up and back, when usually the avada kedavra is a drop-dead curse?
Was Dumbledore an amigius? The cover-art of the special edition shows the trio riding on the back of a bearded dragon. Hmmmm.

I think Dumbledore's death was faked to prop up Snape's credibility with Voldemort and that DD will reappear as a amigius dragon (it's the Order of the Phoenix, after all).

And I think that Harry's scar is a horcrux, but Harry is not. I also think that by taking in a little of Harry's blood (Goblet of Fire) Voldemort has made himself vulnerable to the redemptive power of love, and it is this, not clever curses, that will do him in.

What do you think?


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