Quote of the Day


no news . . . no posts

I'm starting to get phone calls and emails about the lack of blog posting. I have nothing to report. My life is rather dull these days. If you must know, I have:

  • Watched seasons 1-5 of LOST.
  • Worn a hole in the pad of my index finger playing StoneLoops and Sally's Salon on my iTouch.
  • Watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and Evita And Miss Potter.
  • Taught Chickadee how to play Mancala
  • Taught Dandy how to play Cribbage
  • Read a couple of magazines.
  • Slept a lot. For a month.

See? I told you I was dull.



general update on chickens, childrens, gardens, and naps

Well let's see, what is there to blog about?

The baby chickies are no more. They are now small hens and roos. Our rooster needs some crowing instruction. As is, he is more squawk than crow.

The children are enjoying public school. Not a bad time to enroll, as this is field trip season. Beach, park, more beach: it's all good.

My bff came over today and played kitchen wench, chopping and assembling meals for us and baking yummy bread and generally lifting my spirits.

The vegie gardens I cannot report on as they are too far from the house and I can't wobble out to see them yet. The flower gardens are lovely. I'll try to get a picture.

Me? I am nappy. Shower. Nap. Sit in a chair for an hour. Nap. Loaf around in bed for 3 hours. Nap. I'm pretty much worthless, but each day a little less so. At this rate, I'll be perky in time for Christmas.

Now I need a nap -- all this typing . . .




Didn't die on the operating table and woke up with incisions in the right places and with all my arms and legs still attached. Did stay in the hospital one day longer than expected as I was wobbly-headed. Learned that I am less wobbly-headed when my husband is walking me than I am with a nurse or an aide. Big strong arms help.

So now I am home. I sleep, drink, wobble to the loo, and repeat. Very exciting times here.

I'm also watching Lost, which I have never seen. We are in Season 1 and I am hooked, though it is a bit creepy for me (I'm pretty sheltered, by choice), but I like the riddle-aspect of it.

My big accomplishment yesterday was sitting on the deck for an hour. Today's goal is taking a shower. Need a nap first.