Quote of the Day


Resolution Update

1. Go for a walk or ride my exercise bike or do home Tai Chi or go to the gym 5 times a week.  I joined a gym and I actually go.  Yoga, Zumba, Weights -- I'm there! One week I got to EIGHT classes.  This week, probably only 4, but I do do something 5-6 days a week.

On a side note, I am down 6 pounds.  I've been mindful of what I am eating, but not really dieting per se.  Just moving more.
2. Get to church at least 3 Sundays a month. Two Sundays a month, but we did have the flu, so that kept us home.

3. Visit my folks more. Never enough.

4. Have people over for dinner more often.
  Yes! Have had company over for dinner twice this year.

5. Get the kids up at 7:00 on schooldays in order to get the mandatory work done before we leave the house.  Somehow we got involved in lots of midday activities and none of us are any good in the classroom after 3:00.
Fail, as we don't get up at 7.  We have been faithful at getting up at 7:30.

6. Work on my manuscript!  Haven't touched it.  Need more uninterrupted time.