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New Year's Resolution

Congratulations to me on keeping my toughest resolution ever.  On this day in 1993 I smoked my last cigarette.  Yeah me! 

Last year's resolutions were:
1. Stay out of the hospital. -- Mostly successful.  I did enter the building, but only as a worried daughter, not as a patient.
2. Wear fragrance and nail polish more often. -- Yup.  I've been sparkly and scented all year long. 
3. Make and adhere to weekly menu plans. -- Yup.  I use Google's calendar to keep organized.
4. Go for more walks. -- FAIL.
5. Go to the gym 1-2 times a week. -- FAIL.
6. De-clutter the house, basement, and barn. -- FAIL.
7. Buy myself a miniature Australian Labradoodle. -- Resounding Success.  Oh my goodness, what a good decision that was.  Expensive, yes, but much cheaper than therapy and way more effective and fun.

This year's resolutions:
1. Be a kinder, more patient, more fun Mom.  Pray for me on this one please.
2. Get the kids up at 7:00 on schooldays in order to get the mandatory work done before we leave the house.  Somehow we got involved in lots of midday activities and none of us are any good in the classroom after 3:00.
3. Go for a walk or ride my exercise bike 4 times a week. 
4. Go the gym twice week.
5. Grow and preserve more food.
6. Learn to trim Nutmeg's nails, keep the mats out, and do all the other grooming tasks.


management fees

Once I ask my children to do something I may (or may not) give one free reminder, but after that I charge management fees for my reminder services.  Management fees are payable in small acts of service (fetch things for me, make my bed, etc.), nothing too dire, but enough to make them wish they had just done whatever it was in the first place.

If nothing else, it gets my bed made on most days.