Quote of the Day



late bloomer

All of our hens have been giving us eggs for months now, except one, the tiny one we cleverly named Baby as she was so much smaller than the others. Apparently her time has come. That's a Rhode Island Red egg on the left, and Baby's first egg on the right. Baby is a California Grey.


vacation pictures

We rode the ferry.

We had a beautiful place to stay.

We had kayaks.

We had a water-park.

We had miniature golf (and I got 4 hole-in-ones!).

We had fun.


the gospel according to Dandy

"Jesus came to delete us."

This puts a whole new twist on it.


egg poacher

Have you ever tried to peel a hard-boiled egg that just would not cooperate? Do you know why some eggs are like that? Hard-to-peel eggs are eggs that are boiled too fresh. Eggs over three weeks old peel easily, younger eggs not so much.

This, we have found, is the one downside to having farm-fresh eggs. We are not organized enough to age our eggs, so we end up poaching them, which generates hard-to-clean egg poaching pans.

No more! With these delightful Poach Pods, we poach, turn it inside out to remove the egg, and then wipe it down. It's my new favorite kitchen gadget.


a quickie

We are home from a wonderful vacation and back to real life, full of exams and appointments and deadlines.

Jamie has a huge test coming up next week, so he is hunkered down studying for that.

I am teaching two classes at the community college, both on-line, and those classes launch on Thursday, so I am in a hot panic getting those prepped.

Dandy had two assessments today: reading and math. In reading he is precisely at 4th grade level and in math he is between 4th and 5th (ahead of himself, in other words). We are very pleased. Tomorrow I meet with the school for a half-day a week enrollment to work on some behavior issues whilst I continue with the academics at home.

Chickadee starts art classes this week.

The gardens are out-of-control.

The pile of mail is huge.

The car is yet to be unloaded.

That's our life. How is yours?


vacation news

Oh we hare having such a nice vacation. We kayak daily and see seals and herons and dolphins and starfish and kelp and crabs and jellyfish. We swim a lot. We play in playgrounds and waterparks. We sleep well. We wish some of you were here with us.