Quote of the Day


update of random things

  • We had an awesome trip to Hawaii in April.  I'll try to post pics.  The whole picture thing annoys me as iPhoto makes no sense to me.
  • Got home and had foot surgery on May 3 and still can't walk properly.  Also annoying.
  • Just finished the The Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay -- a very clever and enjoyable bit of fantasy set a little bit on earth and a bit on other planets and surprising us with some King Arthur connections.  Great beach reading.
  • Also read Zoo Story: Life in the Garden of Captives by Thomas French which was a fascinating exploration of modern zooery.  Non-fiction.
  • Spent the weekend improving the gardens -- hauling cedar chips and creating places for tools etc.  By this I mean that Jamie and the kids hauled, while I rested my foot.
  • Looking forward to cousins coming at the end of next month.  
  • Getting ready to teaching a college-style English Composition to home-schooled high-schoolers next fall.  I'll be teaching it online with Canvas, which is the slickest LMS you'll ever meet.
  • Picking up 20 meat chicks this morning.  Andy gets paid to take care of them.  He's raising money for Young Life camp this summer.
  • Updated the other blog.