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Akurum Adel IKEA Kitchen Tweaks

So, we have ordered a full set of IKEA's Akurum frames with Adel fronts.  In addition, we are adding the following tweaks:

Extra shelves.  For almost every cabinet I ordered one extra shelf so that I can fit more in and so that I have a back-up shelf for the future.

Costco's Slide-a-Shelf pull-outs for the baking pantry and for under the sink.  Why not just use IKEA's Rationell pull-out? Because I want real wood for these oft used and/or dampish locations.

TIP: If you use the Integral hinge dampers your hinges will use up 3 inches of your width (1.5 each side), so keep this in mind if you are ordering inserts for your cabinets.

From Lowe's I ordered Rev-a-Shelf's false front tip-out adaptor hinges and trays
I will use these to turn the false panels of my cooktop base cabinet into wooden spoon trays.

I also ordered Rev-a-Shelf 's pegboard system for the plate drawers.  I think it is much prettier and more durable looking than the IKEA offering.

And last, I ordered Rev-a-Shelf's Bread Drawer kit to keep all our yummy loaves fresh.
And because I used eBates, I got 2-5% back on all of this!


The Floor Is In!

We have a ceiling and a floor now.  Very exciting.  Alas, we lost the sink in the process: collateral damage I suppose.  We disconnected it to put in the floor and when it was time to put it back all the valves leaked.  They were at least 20 years old, so it's not terribly surprising, but distressing nonetheless.  All that is left in the kitchen now is the fridge, a wee bit of doorless wall shelving, the bit of countertop in the bay window, a card table, and the frame of one cabinet which I set up in order to visualize and measure the baking pantry arrangements.  Fortunately we have a laundry room sink, so we are not quite to the Dishes in Bathtub stage.

The floor is Harmonics Brazilian Cherry laminate click flooring which we bought at Costco ten years ago or so.  This project has been in the works for a long time.

We are very lucky that the floor coloring is flattering to Nutmeg.  It would be a pity to have to take it out and start over.

In spite of all this I am still cooking!  Where there is a will (and a hungry husband and teenager and tweenager) there is a way.  Tonight we are having Chickeny Bacony Spicy Cheesy Rice which I made this morning in the electric skillet and will set to heat up in the crock-pot when we leave for lacrosse practice (4 days a week!).


Our New Kitchen Selections

Here ya go!

Cabinets: Adel by Ikea 20% off sale

Hardware: by Martini at Home Depot

Countertops: Numerar by IKEA 20% off sale

Windows: Milgard Tuscany Line Double Hung from Home Depot 15% off sale!

French Doors to Dining Room from Home Depot 15% off sale!  We can close the doors to keep kitchen smells in and/or to muffle the sound of children bickering over the dishes.  But when we want the door open, it will be just two 18 inch doors standing open, not one huge 36 incher.

Door to Laundry Room: Orepac 15-lite from Home Depot 15% off sale!

The laundry room gets fantastic late afternoon sun and I want that sunlight in my kitchen, hence the windows.

Ovens: Double Wall Oven with Convection by JennAir at Deward and Bode's President's Day Sale + Floor Model discount = ovens of my dreams.

This was my big splurge for which we are forgoing subway tile backsplashes and all sorts of other small niceties. 

Dishwasher: Integrated by IKEA 20% off sale.  Integrated means it will take a cabinet door and blend in with the other cupboards.

Backsplash: White beadboard.  I know it won't last forever, but I can always replace it later.

Sink: by IKEA 20% off sale
It sits on the base cabinet -- not in it -- so you get the old timey effect.

Potfiller (goes above the cooktop): Fontaine from Home Depot

Flooring: Brazilian Cherry by Harmonics

Ceiling treatment: Wide Beadboard from Lowe's, painted in Pale Sunshine by Behr at Home Depot.  The color is much nicer than this shows.  I have it in my dining room already.

Main Light: Style Selections 5-light Antique White Chandelier at Lowes.

Still struggling with the other lighting.

We will reuse our existing faucet and cooktop and fridge.