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Carl Larsson

Who is Carl Larsson, you ask? He is -- in my view -- the greatest thing to ever come out of Sweden, with the exception of my Great Grandparents on the Lind side and the old spinning wheel that they brought with them.
Carl Larsson (1853-1919) was Swedish artist who worked in oils and watercolors, but my favorite of his works is
his home at Sundborn. The house is beautifully painted and decorated with the distinctive Larsson style.

Here are a few shots of the interior of their home in Sundborn, Sweden.

Carl Larsson's wife, Karin Larsson, did the textiles: the lovely curtains, table linens, and bedding. Carl Larsson did the building and trim work and detailing.

I'm on a new Carl Larsson kick because, thanks to Elle, I've found a great Carl Larsson source that even has a few things I haven't seen before.
~ Suzanne

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