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Ron Paul Letter Writing Campaign

I'm participating in the Ron Paul Letter Writing Campaign, wherein personal letters are sent to voters in early primary states. Here is what I am sending to New Hampshire:

Dear __________,

My name is Suzanne Chandler and I am an English teacher in Washington State. I have been married for 13 years and have two children, ages 8 and 6 1/2. I have never supported a presidential candidate before, but I have decided to back Dr. Ron Paul for President. I am writing to ask you to consider voting for Dr. Paul in New Hampshire's January 8 primary.

Ron Paul is a 10-term Republican Congressman, a former flight surgeon in the US Air Force, and a medical doctor (OB/GYN) that has delivered more than 4,000 babies. He never took payments from the government as a doctor. Instead, he would do the work for free or a reduced fee.

In Congress, Dr. Paul has never voted to raise taxes, never voted for an unbalanced budget, and is known as the "Taxpayer's Best Friend". He does not participate in the lucrative Congressional pension program because he does not think it is fair to taxpayers. Dr. Paul even paid for the college educations of his five children instead of letting them have government loans. He wants to secure our borders, protect our liberties, and is the only major candidate of either party that wants our troops to come home now.

Ron Paul is the most principled man I have ever encountered. He has been married to his wife Carol for over 50 years, is extremely honest and genuine, and one always knows where he stands. He is truly the Thomas Jefferson of our day and is exactly what our country needs.

Please consider voting for Dr. Paul at your primary on January 8, 2008. If you are an undeclared voter, you can declare as Republican on January 8, vote for Ron Paul, and then change party affiliation back to "undeclared" by completing a form at the polling place. If you'd like to learn more, call Ron Paul's New Hampshire headquarters at 603-227-0131, his national toll-free number at 1-877-RON-PAUL (766-7285) or visit his website, RonPaul2008.com.

I would certainly like to hear what you think of Dr. Ron Paul. Please e-mail me your thoughts at chndlrs@msn.com. Thank you for your time.




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