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National Presidential Caucus results

Okay, I have to admit, I had never heard of the National Presidential Caucus either.

What is the National Presidential Caucus you may rightly ask? Here is what they have to say about themselves:
Our democratic process, as currently practiced, has proven unsatisfactory to the great majority of Americans. Even with hopeful new signs of internet enabled participation, our national elections remain essentially poll-driven, mass media campaigns and little more than an ugly spectator sport, though one with enormous stakes.Now, with nearly no opportunity for input by ordinary citizens, the presidential state primaries and caucuses are being scheduled earlier and closer together, dramatically altering the primary election process. The country now faces a de facto National Primary on February 5, 2008, in which two "finalists" may suddenly emerge from this "rush to judgment" only to commence a protracted 9-month general campaign.

In response, a consortium of partisan, bi-partisan and non-partisan interests have initiated the National Presidential Caucus with an "Open Call to Participate" in local, self-organized, web-enabled face to face gatherings across the country on December 7, 2007 in preparation for the highly compressed national primary process.

And here are the results from the Decembter 7th National Presidential Caucus:

Barack Obama - 40%
John Edwards - 20%
Bill Richardson - 20%
"Undecided" - 20%

(what? no Hillary?)

Ron Paul - 50%
Mike Huckabee - 33.3%
Fred Thompson - 16.6%

Open Caucuses
Ron Paul - 62.5%
Barack Obama - 18.75%
Fred Thompson - 12.5%
Hillary Clinton - 6.25%.

Admittedly the nature of the organization may draw more of the disgruntled members of each party, which explains why the Hillary, Mitt, Mike and Guido Rudy did not do too well. I think it so interesting that there is, apparently, such a large gap between who the grassroot folks want and who the big organizers (the party elites and the MSM) tell us to want. Hmmmmm . . .


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