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hubby update

So, thus far today we have learned that:

1) He did not do any damage to his heart. His 'heart enzymes' are normal as is his EKG. So that rules out the doctor's first line of concern: heart damage.

2) The next line of concern is that there may be a clot on the device. When I asked the doc what we would do if there is a clot, he declined to answer, so I'm guessing that it won't be fun. They will do two tests this morning to evaluate this; the first is a TEE (transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) -- updated to say that the TEE showed no clot! yeah! --and the second is a CT scan (aka CAT scan) -- updated to say that the doctor canceled the CAT as he deemed it unnecessary.

Once both these two big heart concerns are out of the way, we are left with some lesser concerns that are being addressed as we go:

1) he is on a saline drip for low blood pressure which I think is from all the vampires visiting him all night. (I think this is funny as he is 100/80 and I am running around at 86/56 - maybe I can borrow his dripline.)
2) he in on Heparin drip to make up for the week that he took himself off of the mandatory blood thinner.
3) he is on oxygen to improve his oxygen levels.

No one will answer us when we ask how long we will be here. We expect that this afternoon we will know more -- updated to say that we are here for at least one more night as they monitor and adjust the blood-thiner.


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