Quote of the Day


got the kids back

Overheard this morning:
Chickadee: Dandy I need help.
Dandy: What do you need dearest sister?
I guess he missed her. Last night I got the kids back and brought them home. The three of us crawled into the big bed and talked and sang and drifted off to sleep.

My Gift is still in the hospital, but we are no longer worried. He isn't ill, he doesn't hurt, we are just waiting for meds to take effect. He is on a drip anti-coagulant (Heparin) which provides his current protection against blood clots, but the protection ceases as soon as the IV is disconnected. To prepare to come off the IV, he is taking an oral anti-coagulant (Coumadin), which takes a few days to come up to the necessary levels. They said to plan to be in the hospital over the weekend.

We are at peace with this. He has his guitar and my laptop and some good books and other than getting blood drawn every couple of hours, they pretty much leave him alone. We are taking the chess set and Uno in later and will spend the evening playing games.


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