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I'm not very crafty, except for when I am, in which case I'm crafty-manic. I either do no crafts or I binge craft. Currently, I am in a no-craft mode (though I occasionally think I hear my beads calling me faintly from afar). Nevertheless, when I saw Scribbet's post about The Quiet Family I declared that I was going to make a set for Chickadee. That lasted about 30 seconds. I ordered one instead -- there is only one set left, btw.

It was then that I discovered something; I discovered Etsy. I had stopped beading -- in part -- because everyone I knew had plenty of zipper pulls, bracelets, key rings, mirror dangles, earrings, etc. I was creating homeless lovelies. I know, I know, there are 14207 bead items for sale on Etsy, but even the slimmest hope of off-loading selling my wares is enough to get me going again. Yes, I do hear those beads a'callin'.


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