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eye patches

For six hours a day, Chickadee dons her eye patch in an effort to force her lazy eye to "get to work" as she puts it. We let her hard-working eye take a nap while the lazy eye starts doing its job. She is pretty cheerful about it and hasn't fussed at all, once she was assured that her Papa still thought she was cute. (This being, for the time being at least, the end all of necessary conditions for a worthwhile existance. As long as Papa thinks she is cute, all is well with the world.)

We bought ordinary eye patches and a couple packets of stickers. Every day she gets to decorate her patch with the stickers. Next week we'll pick up her freshly re-lensed glasses with a heavily modified prescription.

We'll do this for 5-6 weeks and then check in again with the pediatric eye specialist. There is still a chance we can avoid surgery.


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