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odd google hits

Over the last year I've occasionally taken peeks at what Google words have brought people to this blog. Some of them are amusing, some rather concerning:

boot camp punishment list: I hope they were disappointed.

china adoption 2007 lexapro: Tee-hee. Apparently we are not the only ones to have a rough go. Lexapro, in case you don't know is a life-saver anti-depressant.

cleaning dog barf on wool rug: yes, we have lots of experience with this.

i love belly lint: bizarre, just bizarre.

paraplegic people up for adoption: and even more bizarre.

problems with daily living as a paraplegic: well, for starters, you can't walk anymore.

puppy malnutrition legs: yes, they get soft and bendy without proper food. The good news is that with proper food, they straighten out quite nicely. Works on humans too.

scabies pics leg: no, I do not have scabies pics. I was too grossed out at the time to think of taking pictures.

Grendel by CS Lewis: I do hope they got this straightened out before turning the paper in.


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