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lying to our children

Mrs. G., over at Derfwad Manor, has posted for all to see a extensive and photo-illustrated list of the Lies Mrs. G. has told her Children. It has a zillion comments and is all very amusing. It got me thinking. When is it okay - if ever - to lie to our children, and, that being said, is there anyone who can (truthfully) say that they have not?

My most recent lie (and clever) that comes to mind is the cover stories I had to create on two consecutive nights when the tooth fairy forgot. As those are lies to perpetuate a lie (the tooth fairy herself) do they count as half? or double? Oh yes, and there is the candy fairy lie to which I am very attached.

I'd especially love to hear from you: what is your policy on these sorts of deceptions? AND, do you adhere to your policy?

I would have to confess that my policy is that I oughtn't and my practice is that I do.


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