Quote of the Day


boom BOOM and out go the lights

What is even more fun than being sick with kids? Being sick with kids without power, which means
  • no lights
  • no central heat
  • no water (showers, laundry, dishes, hand-washing to prevent spread of illness)
  • no vcr/tv
  • no oven
  • no phones
  • no nightlights for kiddos
  • no bedtime/naptime music
We lost power yesterday at 12:15 and have been camping ever since. How am I posting? We charge the laptop in the truck last night and I have a nifty gadget that acts like a cell-phone for dial-up access.

We have a nice woodstove in the living room and a gas stove, so I can cook, as long as the menu is boiled or fried. We are reading lots of books by the fire; this is cozy and fun.

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