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works for me: binder clips & yogurt

As you may recall, I make dairy products, yogurt, Crème Fraiche, cheese etc. One of my challenges has been keeping the thermometer from falling in. As I was making yogurt yesterday evening, my eyes fell upon a binder clip and it all clicked.


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Anonymous said...

This is an awesome idea!

Anonymous said...

Cool idea!!
What do you do with creme fraische? I see it at the stores but never know what it's for?

Suzanne said...

Shauna, we dip strawberries in it and eat it up. It is sorta like a cour cream but it doesn't curdle when heated, so it is perfect for stroganoff, etc.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I thought about making those kinds of things myself, but I have never done it. I admire you- it doesn't look easy!

Suzanne said...

It is easy Jeneflower, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it.