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The Daily Listen

I've mentioned this before -- using iPod playlists for instruction -- in my post about Breakfast Devotions.  Since then I have expanded it to include:

Memorization Work:
  • The BSF memory verse for the week set to music or merely read aloud, if we can find it in iTunes.
  • The poems that we are memorizing from Andrew Pudewa's Linguistic Development Through Poetry
  • Our vocabulary words for the week from Wordly Wise.
  • The current unit's chapters of Prima Latina
  • The books of the Bible.
  • Any Old Testament chapters from The Message that are part of our study for Ancient History from the guide that Beautiful Feet puts out.
  • The chapters from The Message that our BSF study is covering this week.
This plays during the time of the day that we are doing chores, moving about the house.  While we are doing schoolwork, we listen to an all Classical playlist.

Later this year we will study Classical Composers, so their works will be added one at a time to the list, so that we can start to distinguish them from one another. 

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kate said...

I think "background learning" can be incredibly powerful. Think about schoolhouse rock. I still sing the preamble to the constitution.

I used The Mozart Effect cd's in the classroom while we worked--vols. 1 &2.

You are so much more ambitious than I am re: shcool! We read and write and do some math each day. And we play. We're working on play. (And, really, it is work that needs to be done.) Science and Social Studies topics for the year are planned, but are a little more "unschooled".