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how to give a dog a pill

Or at least, how to give my dog a pill.

  1. Put some plain live yogurt in her dog dish, make sure she sees this.  Maybe give her a lick the first time, so that she knows what it is.
  2. Chop up some beefstick or other meat.  Make sure she sees this.  
  3. Get out the pill -- antibiotic in our case, hence the yogurt.
  4. Set out the yogurt, treats, and pill where she can see it all.
  5. With a helper, open her mouth and push the pill down her gullet. 
  6. Give her lots of treats, by hand, into her mouth -- you want her to associate your hand in her mouth with good things.
  7. Give her the bowl of yogurt. 
The first time we did this, it took both adults and lots of dog-wrastling.  After 5 doses, I can do it alone and she doesn't resist at all.  She has figured out the the pill is the necessary preliminary to the beefstick and the yogurt.

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