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Christmas stocking stuffer ideas

Some ideas, for your stuffing pleasure

:: reusable shopping tote
:: earbuds 

:: battery charger
:: batteries
Rainbow Mice - Bag of 12 - Cat Toy:: bath poofs
:: tea 
:: stationary
:: octopus clips
:: scarves
:: toy mice for humans owned by cats
:: chewies and tennis balls for humans owned by dogs
:: postage stamps for anyone off at college
:: good cheeses
:: nuts
:: Christmas ornaments for young adults
:: pocket flashlights for the cars
:: chapsticks
:: Atlas garden gloves
:: hand-warmer packets for those in cold climates

:: tulip or daffodil bulbs
:: long matches
:: smoked oysters
:: SmartWool socks
:: Starbuck's cards
:: Trader Joe's cards
:: iTunes cards
:: pencils and erasers for school kids - especially home-schooling families
:: chocolate oranges
:: bottle of favorite fragrance
:: paint brushes and  other artsy supplies (hat tip to Audrey)
:: LUSH bubble bars

:: drill bits
:: hairclippies and rubber bands for little girls
:: sparkly glue

What did I miss ?

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audible said...

Fresh box of crayons…or here in Japan where 12 colors will set you back 13 or 14 dollars, a replacement set of just the broken colors. Alternately, take old crayons, remove paper and melt them down in an old muffin tin in the oven to make rainbow crayons.

Tiny bottles of nail varnish.

Really good chocolates and/or marzipan


Pez and pez dispenser

Pustafix bubble solution