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The Floor Is In!

We have a ceiling and a floor now.  Very exciting.  Alas, we lost the sink in the process: collateral damage I suppose.  We disconnected it to put in the floor and when it was time to put it back all the valves leaked.  They were at least 20 years old, so it's not terribly surprising, but distressing nonetheless.  All that is left in the kitchen now is the fridge, a wee bit of doorless wall shelving, the bit of countertop in the bay window, a card table, and the frame of one cabinet which I set up in order to visualize and measure the baking pantry arrangements.  Fortunately we have a laundry room sink, so we are not quite to the Dishes in Bathtub stage.

The floor is Harmonics Brazilian Cherry laminate click flooring which we bought at Costco ten years ago or so.  This project has been in the works for a long time.

We are very lucky that the floor coloring is flattering to Nutmeg.  It would be a pity to have to take it out and start over.

In spite of all this I am still cooking!  Where there is a will (and a hungry husband and teenager and tweenager) there is a way.  Tonight we are having Chickeny Bacony Spicy Cheesy Rice which I made this morning in the electric skillet and will set to heat up in the crock-pot when we leave for lacrosse practice (4 days a week!).

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