Quote of the Day


30 hours

  • bags are packed (one little one for each of us, another one full of orphanage donations, and two little in-flight bags)
  • visas, tickets, and money are procurred
  • house/pet sitters manifesto is printed and distributed
  • fridge and freezer are stocked

Still to do:

  • learn Russia
  • pick up copies of pics for little booklets we will leave behind with the kid(s)
  • set out towels etc. for house/pet sitters

What am I forgetting? My brain is either whirling madly or frozen solid.

I still don't really believe that we are actually getting to go. Last night the rumor-mill that serves Russian Adoption Families produced more alarming news. Will it impact us? Probably not. Did I burst into tears at the very thought? Absolutely.

It is as if I'm a person who is just pretending to believe that we are actually leaving. This is what a dream deferred does to one.

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