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Questions Answered

To answer the many questions from the previous postings:

No bad experiences at all, though people really stare at us. The only other place we have experienced such unfriendly staring was in a wee village on the heel of the boot of Italy.

Yes, we see Derik and Lisa everyday, usually sharing a meal, and they have been helpful and fun to be with. We had a game night the other evening and taught them Sequence and they taught Jamie Yahtzee.

Joe, yes we are enjoying the local cuisine: cabbage rolls for lunch, borscht, bilinis. Yum Yum. We did pass on the Squid and Apple salad and the Seasoned Lard. We so appreciate your prayers.

Diana, Thank you so much for taking Holly out. It means a lot to her and of course to us. We are in the FarEast part of Russia, near the Chinese border. If you look at Russia Webpage, there is a map down the page on the right.

Julie, I just cherish knowing that you and your kids pray for us. I love you!

Carol, Isn't it fun? 12 years ago this week we became one sort of family, now we become another sort. :)

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