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Marathon Dash to Olympia

Jump out of bed. Final check 15 official documents(signed? notarized? duplicates?). Pick up Dad. Drive to Renton. Obtain two more official documents. Check (signed? notarized? duplicates?). Drive to Olympia. Obtain State Seals on each and every piece of paperwork. Write large check for said seals. Go to FedEx. Notice error on one State Seal. Go back to State Seal office. Obtain correction. Dash back to Fed Ex. Write another large check to get packet delivered to Anchorage by noon. Drive home (we left Olympia at 3 and were in Bellingham by 6. I slept the whole way, but it sure appears that some speeding occured, doesn't it. Hmmmm.)

Waiting on Visas now.

In other news, I got all my subs lined up (I have such nice colleagues), and we almost have the pet-sitting covered.

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