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So much to Report!

First, we will meet all the children in Andy's group tomorrow at 4:00. If then we are still quite sure that we want to adopt two, we will ask for and presumably receive official permission to officially meet a little girl (who we would have informally interacted with as we play with all the kids in the group). There is no point asking for official permission unless we are dead certain that we will follow through. We will visit the orphanage (#4) from 4-6 on Wednesday and again from 10-12 on Thursday. On the Thursday visit we will meet with the physician, who will share the medical history and the social worker who will share the family history. We learned that Andy's group has seven kids and they are the little kids in a very large orphanage of school-age children.

Second, Yeah Dad, you're blogging now! and Yeah Tim as I assume Dad meant now passed instead of not passed.

Third, we had a fabulous dinner at the Ruskie for our Anniversary. If you are Khab-bound, I will post the address and a picture of the restaurant on the FERA list when I get back, as it is a bit hard to find otherwise, even if you are standing right in front of it.

Fourth, we had our medical exams today and agreed that the doctor was friendly and personable. It was a bit weird, but tolerable. We apparently passed. Here is a lovely shot of the hallway window in the otherwise dreary clinic.


edited to add pics, including these pics of military exercises in Lenin Square.

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