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Our Russian Adventure

As we will not be able to update our website from Russia, we'll start using this to keep our friends and family in the loop.

Today's accomplishments:
  • sent off for Visa applications
  • bought airline tickets
  • reviewed homestudy draft which just needs a few tweaks and signatures

Coming up:

  • get dossier apostilled in Olympia
  • do 1,237 necessary things to prepare for departure.

Our itinerary:

20 APR 06 - Thursday Leave SEATTLE at 7:17PM on United Flight 794 and arrive in SAN FRANCISCO at 9:14PM

21 APR 06 - Friday Leave SAN FRANCISCO at 1:00AM on Asiana Air Flight 213 and arrive in INCHEON/SEOUL at 5:30AM on Saturday the 22nd as we cross the date-line.

22 APR 06 - Saturday Leave INCHEON/SEOUL at 10:10 AM on Asiana Air Flight 572 and arrive in KHABAROVSK at 3:10PM

29 APR 06 - Saturday Leave KHABAROVSK at 4:20PM on Asiana Air Flight 571 and arrive in INCHEON/SEOUL at 5:20PM Overnight in Seoul Airport Hotel

30 APR 06 - Sunday Leave INCHEON/SEOUL at 7:40PM on Asiana Air Flight 214 and arrive in SAN FRANCISCO at 2:10PM

30 APR 06 - Sunday Leave SAN FRANCISCO at 7:15PM on United Flight 1155 and arrive in SEATTLE at 9:12PM

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