Quote of the Day


What happens next


We apply to the Federal Databank for a Release Letter. We did this today.
The Release Letter arrives, slowly.
The Children's dossiers are assembled for court.
Our dossier and the children's dossiers are filed with court and we request a court date.
We wait.
We get a court date (usually 10-14 days notice).
We come back to Russia for court.
We visit the orphanage and confirm our intentions.
We go to court (see imposing courthouse in pic).
Court says yes (we hope and pray).
We wait 10 days for the decision to become firm.
We may or may not have the children with us at the hotel during these 10 days.
On the 11th day, the children's Russian passports are issued.
We travel to Moscow.
The kids get a medical exam from US people.
We get US Visas for the kids.
We fly home.

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