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The Big Day: Wednesday April 26th

In two hours we will get picked up and driven 45 minutes to Orphanage #4. (If someone with speedy internet would like to find some webpages about this baby home/orphanage, that would be great. I know I have seen them, but cannot find them with Cyrillic Google and Dial-up.)

We had breakfast at the end of town (by the Blue Church) this morning and then walked and shopped our way home very slowly to try to use up the day. We bought all your presents in this distracted state so we will all be curious to see what random things you end up with. :)

Forgot to say that it snowed yesterday morning and stuck and allowed us some pretty pictures. It snowed again this morning, but did not stick, and by noon the sun was peeking out.

We will probably not get to update this until late tonight our time, which is early early morning your time, so check first thing in the morning for our news. Remember that we are not permitted to post specifics about the child/children until they are legally ours, but we can tell you general things about our day. Grandparents will receive emails with more details (as this is allowed), so if you are quite curious, call a Babushka or Dedushka tomorrow.



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