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Happy Anniversary to Us!

Twelve years ago today (it's Monday here), I married my Gift from a Generous God (he's napping or he wouldn't let me type that). We celebrated today by visiting a Russia Narcologist: "Any trouble with drugs?" "No. and a psychiatrist: "Mood swings?" "Only the normal amount." and had our blood drawn (yuck). Then we had tuna salad from a kit. How's that for a unique anniversary celebration?

Tonight we will go out for a nice dinner and try to not worry about Wednesday. Our greatest concern is the kid(s). This has got to be weird/scary/stressful for them. What can we do to help them feel safe? How can we create a good beginning? We are so curious to know what they will be told about their visitors. We were told that we can leave pictures of our home and family, surely for that to make any sense the kids are told we are their future mom and dad. How bizarre this must be for them: here's some nice people who smile a lot but are too dumb to speak Russian with you; they are going to go away and come back later and be your parents.

Tomorrow we will meet with the woman who (we hope) will know if we have a second referral. We also have six more areas of medical specialties to get stamped on our official form and some shopping to do. We'd want to augment our stash of goodies to take to the orphanage.

On a more personal note, and in response to Dad's emails (come on, Papa, try to blog -- it's fun!): yes, we are sleeping well. No one is ill or damaged. We are very very happy to spend time together as a couple, not as worker-bees. We are well and very grateful to be here.



edited to add lovely picture of Anniversary festivities and to add that we were a bit surprised to find a cube of lard served with our complimentary shot of vodka. We also found the price list of flatware, dishes, and fixtures at the back of our menu rather intriguing. "How rowdy do they get?" we wondered. If you click the picture, you will get a bigger version and can read the prices.

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