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Posting from: MarKuel Hotel, Khabarovsk, Russia
Local Time of Writing: Naptime of course, 3:30 pm on Sunday, September 10th
Local Time of Posting: 8:30 pm, same day
Weather: A Blustery Day: cool and windy – anti-mosquito weather

First, Happy Birthday to my Sister Christy (she's the pretty one on the left).

Second, you may have to click on this picture to realize its significance, but I nearly fell over when I saw this item in the yard next to us. If you know me in real life, you'll know that I have two stores that claim my loyality: LUSH and __ __ __ __.

Third, I think all the losses yesterday made quite an impression! Last night they were so well-behaved they got both the ice-cream and the movie. We had had to forfeit those every single evening prior. In addition, they went to bed with only one "PeeSiet" break and today have been quite nicely behaved.

We have had trouble with their clothes fitting - everything is too big. We brought size 2T and 3T for Juliana and everything is huge. We are seriously doubting that she is 5 years old. She looks and acts like a 3 year old. Andy's clothes fit a little better, but his size 6 jeans fall off of him and we have no belt (we've been using bungee cords). On today's outing we bought her a belt (couldn't find one for him) and him some jeans that fit (size 5). They were thrilled.

It is cold and windy today, so we took a cab. Juliana got all quiet and scared-looking again. She was very withdrawn and, though easy to manage, spookily quiet. On the way home, near our flat, I swear I heard Andy say "Juliana, blah blah nyet detskydom, Mama y Papa dom." as in "Juliana, we are not going back to the orphanage, we are going back to Mama and Papa's house." She brightened up right away. This breaks our hearts.

Thank you so much for your excellent and thoughtful advice and your encouraging words. We have completely changed naptime and it works so much better. Right after lunch, we talk about the plans: Spat (sleep); Yougurt and Chocolate cookies; Park Gulache (play park outing); Dinner. Andy double confirms the chocolate cookies for good behavior. Then he does the dishes (yes, alone; he hums as he washes and seems very happy), and Juliana and Mama or Papa go lie down in Mama and Papa's room. She wails and carrys-on because he is doing something else (she has a rigid need for everything to be the same between the two of them), but then she quiets down and plays with her kitty-lovie and goes to sleep. Andy gets quiet toys and books in his room and may sit or lie down on his bed, but not stand or walk about. If he runs about he loses the books and toys and the chocolate cookies. He is not required to sleep, but only to be very very quiet. He's sleeping as I type, as are Papa and Juliana.

They are shockingly well-behaved in stores. We expected mayhem, but I think they are so in awe of Papa's power to buy things that they don't dare cross him. On today's outing he bought them juice and animal crackers and they were very very impressed.

Other tidbits

  • Now and again we forget to pray before our meal; Andy always remembers (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and twice has volunteered to pray; we have a book about Christmas and he recognizes the story.
  • Tonight for dinner we are having Pelemini and Green Salad (which they love) and Bread and IceCream. They spread their banana ice-cream on their rye bread and declare that it is "Yummy". Whatever gets more bread in them is fine by me.
  • Andy and I played Memory during yesterday's Quiet Time. I didn't cut him any slack and he nearly won. He has a very quick mind.
  • Two bully girls were giving Juliana a hard time at the playground yesterday. She, half their height and out-numbered, stood her ground. Andy saw this going down from afar and blasted himself to her side. He stepped between them and shouted "NielZha blahblah Sistra" (Don't touch blahblah sister!). That was the end of the encounter as I had arrived and we headed home.
  • We have not found the end of their appetites. They will eat until the food is all gone. We are a little afraid to let them gorge, so we don't just keep supplying it. For breakfast they each ate a big bowl of hot kasha with milk and blueberries, a half an apple, a half a banana, a yogurt, a glass of juice, and a slice of bread with jam. For lunch, a big bowl of noodle soup, a half an apple, 3 little pickles, 3-4 little slices of bread with cheese on top, and juice. Jamie and I are not eating enough as we keep giving them food off our plates. No matter how much I cook in order to have extra, there is no extra.
  • On Tuesday the 12th at 10:15 we will pick up the adoption decree and the updated birth certificates (they include our names and the children's additional names). The birth certificates allow us to apply for their Russian passport.

In news from the home-front, we got Holly's biopsy report back. She does not have the nasty aggressive sort, neither does she have the no-worries sort; she has the inbetween sort. So we will do an ultrasound when we get home and see if it has spread at all. If so, we'll be looking at chemotherapy. Poor girl. Jamie and I are both very homesick for our furbabies and beautiful view of mountains and meadows and our lovely home and our friends and family. We called our folks today (we got to talk to one set and the other set was a busy signal), so that helped a little. I usually talk to my parents at least every other day, so this is a hard go for me.

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