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Home Sweet Home

We made it!

Last night was the first night that the children slept at night! Jet lag with Littles is a big drag. They are adjusting really well and we are reaching a place of peace and happiness which is much better than fatigue and anxiety.

We tossed out the "don't visit us" rule as we spent so much time bonding in Russia we are not worried about it now. If you do want to visit, we have a few requests:
  1. Please arrive empty-handed; we want the children to experience people, not things. This doesn't mean you can't bring a casserole -- just leave it in the car and we'll sneak out to fetch it.
  2. Don't feed or offer sweets.
Mom and Dad have blessed us with a couple of visits and we got brave and took the children to my sister's for Mom's birthday party last night. They behaved very nicely and it was so fun to watch Aunt Christy and Uncle Grape (formerly known as Greg) play with them. They remembered Uncle Tim from the ride home and greeted him with hugs.

Oops -- gotta go . . .

edited to add that we were greeted at the airport by Jamie's folks and picked up by my brother Tim. Here are the first photos of the children with their new relatives.

First lessons with Aunt Christy

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