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Family Day

Posting from: MarKuel, Khabarovsk, Russia
Local time: 4:11 pm, Tuesday September 12, 2006 – Family Day

Today the Chandler Family became official with the finalization of the adoption decree and the issue of amended birth certificates showing their additional names and naming Jamie and I as parents. Legally, we are finished, though I won’t truly relax until we clear customs in Chicago.

Yesterday was a really hard day. Jamie was flat on his back all day and the weather prevented outings and the children refined and polished their trouble-making skills. After crying and praying myself to sleep I woke up with a really useful idea. Each morning the children are issued tickets (drawn on index cards) good for the following privileges:

  • Chocolate wafer cookies with their post-nap yogurt
  • A sweetie after the dinner dishes are done
  • A bath
  • An outing
  • A video before bed - LeapPad's Letter Factory is the current favorite

When they chose defiant behavior, they have to surrender a card of my choosing. Ooops! Even as I typed this they snuck a forbidden item off our dresser and lost their sweetie-after-dinner.

Jamie is feeling a wee bit better, but not enough to really do much with the children.

When we were here last spring the director of the orphanage let us see some pictures from Andy’s other orphanage. Every time we were at the orphanage this time, I asked about the pics but they didn’t exist, had been given to the facilitator to give to us, or had never existed – depending on who I asked. Today I asked our facilitator again; she called and was told they had never existed. We went over there. The photo book is now in our possession.

Speaking of photos

The farewell party at the orphanage.


Andy's first visit to the haircut chair. He was trying very hard to be brave.

PS ELarch, I didn't get your email from Feedblitz, but I would love it if you would email me your blog. chndlrs@msn.com

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