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So much better

Posting from: MarKuel, Khabarovsk
Local Time: 9:17 pm Wednesday September 6th

We had a lovely dinner. We held hands and Papa prayed and everyone ate everything that was served and politely asked for more. Nobody played with the silverwear in their water. We had pelemini, rice, green salad, and cucumber slices, and berry cobbler. They especially loved the berry cobbler.

After dinner they cleared the table and wiped it off. Then we had playtime, a very bubbly splashy bath complete with dinosaurs, and finally VegieTales Lord of the Beans. They've been in bed for fifteen whole minutes without any noise above a whisper. This all is in sharp contrast to last night when dinner was a circus and we went down hill from there. Mama and Papa have gotten much better at their "take-away" discipline strategy. If we have to say it twice something goes away. This has improved their listening skills immensely. It is also amazing how much Russian we have learned.

Seventeen minutes. I'm beginning to believe it.

Tomorrow we will go get a haircut for Andy and get their passport photos taken and go to the big market. Three things in one outing. Yikes.

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