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One Hour . . .

Posting from: MarKuel, Khabarovsk
Local time: 3:45 pm on Tuesday September 5
Weather: Clear and pleasant, slight cool breeze

In one hour we will go pick up the children. In one hour, our lives as will change forever. We are both far more nervous than we were in the hour before our wedding.

Yesterday's visit went well. We arrived right after nap time which is "open play" time. Juliana played dress-ups with her little friend E (the only other girl) and Andy played Sequence for Kids! with us. He learned quickly, but enjoyed winning much more than losing. Imagine that.

For our first family meal tonight, I have borscht and roast chicken, and potatoes, and tomato and cucumber salad. We found some wild mountain blueberries being sold at the tram stop and some blini at the market. I'll serve blini with sourcream and blueberries for dessert.

Which reminds me, that which I've been calling a trolley, they call a tram. If you are coming to Khab, you'll want to know that the ONLY good map of the city that we have found is sold at the Amethyst and it includes the tram lines. Just don't go looking for the trolley lines, as that is something else. The tram runs from near the MarKuel to the Central Market (by the Amethyst), so it is very handy. When I have time (maybe after the kids leave for college) I'll try to retag all my old posts regarding Khab with the words "Khab tips" so that future sojourners can click on the tag and all related posts will be gathered up for them.

CNK and Cath, Father Joe says "thanks".

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