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We are hovering over our phone awaiting news. Today? Tomorrow? While you wait with us, surf on over to Derik and Lisa’s blog as they have something to say.

Yesterday we walked the city once again. We strolled along the waterfront, visited the art museum (one Rubens, one Bruegel), and found this little monkey statue. We visited the Intourist Hotel (the big fancy one with everything in English and double the price of the rest of the city) and made our way to the Japanese restaurant at the top of the building. The “Unihab” restaurant (though prohibitively over-priced) does have the best view in the city and they didn’t charge for the pictures.

From there we walked up to the Central Market and bought fresh produce and cheese. We can’t find feta here; what we think might be feta turns out to be curds, as in curds and whey. We don’t quite know what it is one does with curds, so we sprinkle them onto of nearly everything trying to use them up.

Just got the phone call. Today we will visit at the orphanage from 4-6. Tomorrow we will go again at 4 and pick up the children for keeps. We will take a cake and gifts and have a Farewell Party and then bring them home for dinner, games, bathtime, and bedtime. Yes, their very first bath will be with LUSH.

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