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a few more tidbits

I am quite sure that my days of long well-thought-out posts laden with pictures are a thing of the past.
  • The backpacks are the favorite toys.
  • Going down for naps was much better than going to bed was last night.
  • They ask for baths at every opportunity.
  • The borsht that they hated at dinner they ate for lunch!
  • The yogurt here is super yummy.
  • They can't get enough of the fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Juliana sings to herself all the time.
We play a little game where one assumes the identity of another by wearing their shoes. Jamie and I tiptoe around in the children's shoes and they become Mama y Papa. So, "Mama" Juliana heads out of the room in my flip-flops and I say "PaKah Mama" (Bye bye Mama). She says over her shoulder "PaKah DoichKah" (Bye Bye Daughter). This is the first indication we have had that she understands the relationship as opposed to merely the names.

Wow. A whole paragraph in one sitting.

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