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Haircuts and Outings

Posting from: MarKuel
Local time: NAPTIME! Aka 3:30 pm Friday September 8, 2006
Weather: Clear and warm.

Well I can’t post pics of the kids yet, not until the 12th, which is the day our decree becomes finalized. And of course, now that we have the children, I don’t take pics of anything else (what else is of interest?), so you will just have to do without pictures for awhile.

Yesterday’s outing went really really well. We started at the haircut place and Andy got a very sharp looking haircut which we both prefer over the bowl cut he was sporting. We got the passport pictures taken there too, which for some reason terrified Juliana. She did not cry out or fight, but drew herself in and turned icy pale and cold. Some old association apparently.

When we got back into the van she perked up a bit, and by the time we got to the BIG grocery store, she was back to her dynamic self. The store was, of course, full of delights and temptations and they of course asked for everything, but they took their “nyets” pretty well and delighted in the sheer mass of food we were accumulating. We filled both of their children’s carts and Papa’s hand-basket. We’ve been buying our groceries at the convenience store near the flat, but the prices are higher and the selection is very limited – just like at home. At the big store, we loaded up on fresh produce and meat and coffee. When we got home they were elated to help us unpack and every now and then I find them in the kitchen admiring the hoard.

On the way to the store, they explained to our lovely translator that Papa has all the money in the family, so he is better to shop with. I pointed out that I don’t need money, as I have Papa. Yes, they replied, Papa has money and Papa has Mama to spend it for him. So, they have figured that our right quick.

Dinner last night was an omelette with cheese and bacon, fried potatoes, toast, grapes, and cucumbers. They ate huge portions and begged for more. I bought them off with fruit crumble.

Today we took a cab up to Lenin Square (100-150 rubles is the normal price, though some have tried to ask for 200 – we just say Nyet and walk away). The children loved the fountain, which was in full flow, and the pigeons. Other families were feeding the birds and A&J were not the least bit shy about barging into their crumb bag. They see all things as communal. Later we had to fish them out of the handbag of the lady seated on the bench next to us. So, we have some work to do on boundaries.

We rode the tram home which drops us off about 6 blocks from home. Six blocks is a long way with hungry tired children, but it is downhill (which is why we cab out and tram in). Lunch was cucumbers, apples, miso, cheese, bread, and (ack) hotdogs. Yes, in a mere three days I’ve become a hotdog mom.

Andy has a loose tooth and was thrilled to hear about the tooth fairy. Apparently, the tooth fairy doesn’t visit the detskydom, so he is pretty excited about this.


Someone in Remarks asked about names. We added, to their Russian names, names that have meaning to our family.

Jamie’s middle name is Drew, which shows up in Andrew. We also added the name of Jamie’s late brother Daniel. So Andy is actually Andrew RussianName Daniel FamilyName.

My beloved cousin is named Julie, which we morphed into Juliana. So we have Juliana RussianName FamilyName. I’m not telling the Russian names as I don’t want to blog anything that the Russian officials may see as private until the decree is finalized. Juliana’s Russian Name also has a family connection too, so that is nice.

They are not at all opposed to their additional names. We use all four at random. I bet that eventually their Russian names become their private family names, names of endearment, and their American names are their public names. By adding to, not replacing names, they have the option of using whatever they prefer when they are adults.

They haven’t a clue about the Family Name. That can wait.

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