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ayat: a year ago today

A year ago today, we received the official referral for our daughter, signed our intent-to-adopt papers (at which time we had to determine their names), and visited the children for the last time until August.

. . . adoption is not for the faint of heart . . .

The first picture in this series is the entrance to the notary's office. There was a huge line-up, but apparently we had an appointment. Our translator knocked on the door and we went straight in. A huge collective grumble from the weary waiters followed us through the doorway. After our traveling companions, Elle and CS, signed their papers and we had signed ours -- in duplicate as we were adopting two children -- the notary said farewell and wished us good luck in navigating the hallway. Apparently appointments are not the norm and we were seen as queue-jumpers. It was a bit embarrassing.

We got to see the children in the afternoon. We took clothes and presents and played and wept when we left. The children were told that we were their new mama and papa and they rejoiced and were glad. Andy, as you can see in the pics, glued himself to us. When we left they cried out "Dasvedayna Mama y Papa." I carried their voices in my heart for the next four months as we waited for permission to return.

We had traveled to Khabarovsk on only the referral of our son, hoping and praying for our daughter, but not having any assurances. We got the referral for her the day before we left. She is the sunshine and light of our family life. I get a little shaky thinking how close we came to not being blessed with her referral. Adoption is not for the faint of heart.

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