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ayat: a year ago today

A year ago today we left Khabarovsk to return home and await our court date. At the time we left, we were hoping for a 6-8 week wait. It was four months. I'm rather glad I didn't know this at the time. Khabarovsk is in Far East Russia, so we flew on Asiana via Seoul. The best connecting flight involved a lengthy layover, so Asiana put us up at a nice hotel and transported us to and fro. We got in in the evening and had a nice walk-about and then had time the next morning to see the city before our late afternoon flight home.
all spiffed up and ready for spring

We had been in Khabarovsk right after (during) the last snow and right before the big all-city spring clean-up, so the city we saw was gray and frumpy and grimy and with her hair in curlers. Seoul, on the other hand, was a cute young thing, all spiffed up and ready for spring.

We were ready for Seoul.

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