Quote of the Day


speak up!

Do you like the new layout? the quotes? the expand/collapse? the label cloud? the random memes? the cute kid pics? the fancy post layout tricks?

How is the load rate? too slow?

Have you checked out the blogrolls? the foodie one? the techie one (where I've stashed all my techie-bloggy links)?

Do the UK pics show? Did you see the baby lamb?


Ani said...

hi suzanne! i've been following your blog since your journey to russia and i'm so happy to have found this new blog! its pretty nifty - but of course, my fave are the pics of the kids. they are growing up so fast! all the best.

Kelly said...

I think the template looks great. Loads very quickly.

Kate said...

Hi, Suz.

I like the new blog and think the label cloud is great.

I haven't checked the blogrolls. (I seem to be struggling with apathy/lethargy during this re-accred time...)

I wisht it would remember my details b/c I'm lazy.

The load rate is slow.

But, I'll stick around! ;>